I-mask Eye Protection Squash Black

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I-Mask Eye Protection for squash is essential for eye safety and protection.  Money can't buy another eye! By the very nature of Squash, the ball is played at various angles, the racquet stroke requires a wide arc at speed and there is a need to face the back of the court at times, so it is easy to see why there is a risk of being hit by the ball or racquet.  In 1996, the World Squash Federation took the major decision of recommending the mandatory wearing of safety eye wear for all juniors and their coaches.


The impact of a squash ball can be up to 150 kph and the impact has 4 times the energy of a .22 bullet!   The racquet head speed has the potential of 160 kph.  These are good reasons to invest in your health and safety with an I-Mask visor.



The I-mask features are as follows:

 .    No fogging or hazing

.    The I-mask visor is manufactured from optically clear polycarbonate and is virtually unbreakable

.    Protection for players who wear glasses

.    No frame around the visor so it just looks like you are wearing a sweatband

.    Full peripheral vision

.    Lightweight

.    2 year warranty on all fixing points

.    World Squash Federation (WSF) approved and the I-Mask has passed these Safety Standards for squash.




The complete kit includes:

 .    1 Visor

.    1 Black Headband

.    1 Towelling Type Sweaty

.    1 Elastic Strap

.    1 Storage Bag


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