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Wilson Drone X Neon Red Racquetball Racquet

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The Wilson Drone X Turbo Drive Racquetball Racquet is a high modulus graphite racquet that suits all playing standards.  Maximum head size permitted for competition use. Mega power holes designed to deliver maximum power due to string elongation and minimum vibration.  The Turbo tube design at the bottom of the frame increases the stiffness of the overall racquet, resulting in less racquet flex and increased power to the ball.  This racquet incorporates Spider Silk Ballistic Armour technology which is a superlight, superstrong fibre.    The point to point head protector reduces overall impact to the racquet frame on contact with the wall or other hard surfaces.  The fan stringing pattern, combined with the wider head, provides greater racquet stabilisation and increases the sweetspot further towards the head for those tight shots along the wall.



Colour:  Neon Red with an ultra sheen high gloss finish


Available also in Neon Mauve with an ultra sheen high gloss finish

Cover not included.


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