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Buy Squash Shoes in Melbourne & Australia

While squash is less physically gruelling than other racquet sports like tennis, it’s still recommended that you wear dedicated squash shoes that can stand up to the demands of the sport. After all, one of the most instantly noticeable characteristics of squash is its rapid fire pace. To maintain that level of speed throughout the game, you will need lightweight and high impact footwear that lets you move freely while allowing you to stop, start and turn at any given moment with support. Fortunately, you’ll find a great range of squash shoes online and in-store at Tension 24.

Choose from a Wide Range of Squash Shoes in Melbourne

Based in Melbourne and located in Mount Waverley, Tension 24 can deliver squash shoes Melbourne and Australia wide. Our specialists stock a wide selection of options for you to choose from including products from popular brands such as Asics, Head, Salming, Prince, Adidas, Wilson and many more. Whether you’re an experienced player or you’re new to the sport, we can help you find a footwear solution that gives you the most comfort and performance for your game.

What to Consider When Buying Squash Shoes Online

There are a number of things you should consider and take into account before buying squash shoes in Australia. Firstly, always check the colour of the soles when buying online or in-store, to make sure they are a rubber, non marking outsole. Secondly, cross trainers and running shoes are not suitable, as they mark the floor and slip and slide. The heels of these shoes are designed to collapse under impact pressure, leading to ankle roll when used for lateral movement. Thirdly, it’s always best to have squash shoes professionally fitted. A specialist can help you find a pair that accommodates the natural feet swelling that occurs in a game and are suitable for the size of your ankles and toes. Perfectly fitting squash shoes will help to prevent injury while increasing comfort during your game.

Order Squash Shoes Online Today

Tension 24 is a leading destination for squash shoes in Melbourne and Australia. Order our squash shoes online or contact us today for more information about our products and services.

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