Tennis grips and accessories

  1. Tourna Soft Tac overgrips
    Tourna Soft Tac overgrips

    Tourna Soft Tac grips in pack of 3 grips.

  2. Tourna Overgrip XL (3)
    Tourna Overgrip XL (3)

    Tourna grips in pack of 3 grips.

  3. Tourna Overgrip XL (30 reel)
    Tourna Overgrip XL (30 reel)

    Tourna grips in rolls of 30.

  4. Tretorn Tennis Trainer
    Tretorn Tennis Trainer

    The TretornTennis Trainer is a fun way to practice tennis when there isn't a court available.

Tension 24 stocks a wide range of grips and accessories for all your tennis needs.  Wilson, Babolat, Head, Yonex, Prince – we have them all.