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Yonex Nanoray 800 Badminton Racquet

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  • Yonex Nanoray 800 Badminton Racquet
  • Yonex Nanoray 800 Badminton Racquet
  • Yonex Nanoray 800 Badminton Racquet


The Yonex Nanoray 800 produces a fast and controlled swing that generates powerfully accurate,rapid fire shots.  It is MADE IN JAPAN for higher quality control.

 The thinner top of the frame sides minimize air resistance for greater head speed, while the thicker sides at the bottom of the head generate maximum repulsion through greater frame stiffness.

 This is the slimmest racquet ever produced by Yonex and vastly reduces air resistance whilst providing maximum feel. 

The Nanoray series provides you with faster swing speeds and higher repulsion.  The Nanoray is the perfect choice for players who force their opponents into the back of the court.  The revolutionary frame design delivers a smooth swing and dynamic repulsion.

 X-Fullerene in the shaft strenthens and increases the stiffness and repulsion power.  This combination gives the player ability to hit deep into the opponents court, even with a compact swing.  Fast shot making with high repulsion is generated by near-instant "snap back" from the shaft during the swing.

 Sonic metal is an exceptionally strong, lightweight and flexible new titanium alloy which is positioned at the top of the frame.  This will give you a high repulsion power and creates a clear strong sound when the shuttlecock is hit.


Colour:  Flash Blue

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