Yonex VCore 98 305g Black Galaxy Tennis Racquet

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The new Yonex VCore 98 305g Galaxy Black Tennis racquet is an ideal racquet for intermediate to advanced players who are after a great feeling racquet with excellent spin.  It has a unique structure that greatly reduces air resistance and improves swing speeds.  Specific placement of Namd graphite into the throat of the new Vcore also improves torque and flex, allowing players to apply up to 7.3% more spin to the ball.  Angelique Kerber, 3 time Grand Slam Champ loves her new racquet.


- Namd technology is designed to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes into carbon fiber composites

- New Aero Trench Technology and upgraded Aero Fins - to achieve faster head speeds for increased spin potentials, the new Aero Trench reduces drag by uniquely hiding the grommet located at the top of the racquet frame.

- New Liner Tech Grommet Design - by dramatically reducing the string entry angles in select grommets, the  outer main strings are elongated to produce a wider sweet spot, providing greater snapback.  With added string movement, players can grab the ball to apply extra spin.

- New frame shape and graphite - Using next generation Namd graphite and reducing the size of the yoke the new Vcore frame allows for more torque, applying more spin to the ball.

Player Benefits:

Faster racquet maneuverability
Drag reduced by an incredible 11%
Increased spin by 7.3%
Ball and string contact up by 6%


COLOUR:  Flame Red or Galaxy Black



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